Getting 5G-Ready

If you were to type “What is 5G?” into your search engine today, chances are you’ll get several different definitions in return. So what is 5G? How is it going to work? Where do we set our expectations? And where are we going with 5G?

The thing is, the definition of 5G is still considered rather fluid, seeing as there’s yet to be a agreement on the standards to adopt. Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped several tech giants and mobile/network operators from predicting (and dreaming) about the potential that this next-gen network infrastructure could offer, with an estimated creation of 22 million jobs worldwide and up to $12.3 trillion worth of goods and services by 2035.

So how can we separate reality from the hype, and uncover the true potential of 5G?

At Telecoms World Asia 2017 (21-22 March, Bangkok), we’ve assembled a great panel of experts to discuss how we as an industry can collectively progress and achieve the much touted goal of deployment by 2020.


5G Panel: Mapping the road to 5G (Day One, 21 March, NETWORKS)

  • How close are we to large-scale implementation?
  • Pre-5G: what are the pros/cons of 4.5G?
  • What are the challenges in having to create extreme flexibility for 5G and how can they be overcome?
  • What are the expected benefits and new services that can be offered?

Join in the discussion alongside these experts by booking your place at Telecoms World Asia 2017 today! Register by 10 February and enjoy great savings with our current early bird promotion.

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