Making the most of your SDN and NFV investment

SDN – Software Defined Networking – and NFV – Network Function Virtualisation – are two terms that have been on the table for telecom operators worldwide since 2014, when early adopters such as AT&T began ramping up their investment in virtualisation technologies.

The SDN and NFV spend volume is predicted to boom in 2017, at which time use cases will be more defined and the cost benefits of using the technologies will be more apparent. While investment has primarily been led by US and European operators, APAC operators are expected to ramp up their efforts in the next few years.

In adopting SDN and NFV, carriers will need to have a clear vision on how the virtualisation of the their network would support their business goals. With the dawn of an IoT era and (even more) cloud services, big data analyses and HD video streaming, carriers need to ensure that their network architecture is capable of ensuring faster time-to-market to support these services, whilst optimizing operational performance and reducing costs.

However, despite the several benefits and achievable cost savings, operators are still faced with these key challenges: performance, security, multi-vendor integration, and human capital. So how can you make sense of it all?

Join in the discussion at Telecoms World Asia 2017

At Telecoms World Asia 2017 (21-22 March, Bangkok), we’ve assembled a great panel of experts to discuss how the industry can overcome the existing challenges in SDN and NFV adoption, and what remains in order to maximise the benefits of virtualising the network.


SDN/NFV Panel: Monetizing your investments in SDN and NFV (Day Two, 22 March, NETWORKS)

  • What are the new services you have provided with implementation of SDN in your network operations?
  • Challenges and how did you overcome them
    • How do you think operators can reach a common standard to achieve interoperability?
  • The role of SDN and NFV as the foundation for a digital transformation
    • Where are the opportunities for APIs to create a consistent user experience?
  • Reducing costs, increasing agility and enabling faster service delivery
    • Do current telco support models work in a world of SDN?

Debate and discuss alongside these experts by booking your place at Telecoms World Asia 2017 today! Register by 10 February and enjoy great savings with our current early bird promotion.

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