Impact of 5G on Wireline Networks in Asia-Pacific

In Asia–Pacific1 (APAC), the opportunities and challenges brought by 5G will be greater and more immediate than in any other region. In some markets within this diverse region, mobile network operators (MNOs) need to invest to support the highest rates of mobile broadband usage in the world, and a high appetite for new services such as virtual reality. In other, less developed markets, mobile usage is also rising quickly, often underpinning significant social and economic change. Here, the MNOs’ challenge is to transform their networks rapidly to support these changes, and even to leapfrog more mature economies. The arrival of 5G will be critical to both types of APAC MNO, but it will be far more than a radio upgrade. 5G will be as reliant on fiber as on the new radio technologies to deliver backhaul for dense, fast networks and fronthaul for Cloud-RANs.

Analysys Mason and Ciena came together to put together insights into the variations across the region and the need for  MNOs to take action now on an integrated wireless/wireline planning approach to software-defined 5G.

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