Meet our new Silver Sponsor – MarvelTec

MarvelTec Ltd was founded by the previous senior experts of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, acting as its exclusive partner in Asia Pacific. MarvelTec is an independent international connectivity catalyst, combining deep corporate and multinational know-how with extensive Asian cultural intelligence in order to synthesize exclusive international carrier products with innovative connectivity solutions from Tier 1 carriers and solution providers.

Our product portfolio includes not only connectivity service such as Wholesale MPLS VPN, and DIA, but also infrastructure based solutions like Submarine capacity, IP Transit to Tier 1 Internet Backbone, CDN Services. Furthermore, we offer A2P messaging, Sigtran Diameter, Inflight Wifi through Tier 1 IPX platform to Mobile Operators. We also provides flat rate IoT/M2M SIM covering the whole European Territory and Digitalization Solutions to MNO and Fixed Operators.

We deliver not only a service, but a commitment to help carriers and multinationals all across Asia Pacific to serve reliable and secure connectivity to their customers globally. Founded with this shared mission, we serve our customers through a one-stop process called The MarvelTrek™, which robustly delivers efficiency, flexibility and agility in verticals of solutioning, project management and partner sourcing. Ultimately, we empower a diverse range of corporate, technology and digital providers all across Asia Pacific to deliver unparalleled global connectivity and happiness to their customers, while developing opportunities for leading technology and connectivity providers in Europe to extend their coverage and footprint to Asia Pacific.

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