Telecoms World Asia 2019: Interview with Ong Geok Chwee, CEO of Bridge Alliance

The Telecoms World Asia editorial team caught up with Ong Geok Chwee, CEO of Bridge Alliance, to discuss about new revenue opportunities for telcos.

1. Can you share a brief introduction of Bridge Alliance and its mission?

Bridge Alliance is a mobile alliance of 34 premier telecom operators in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. We focus on four strategic areas: Roaming, Internet of Things/M2M, Enterprise Mobility, as well as Optimisation and Innovation. Our mission is to utilise the power of collective capabilities of our member operators, allowing them to better serve and deliver greater value for regional customers.

2. In one sentence, please tell us what do you envision the future telco to be like.

The future telco is no longer defined by connectivity, but by the experience of being connected that telcos enable for their customers.

Watch this video to find out what our members and partners think about this too:

3. What strategies are you adopting to drive the alliance’s growth?

We are looking to solidify our strengths as a collective of tier 1 and 2 operators, in order to harness more opportunities for growth. This comes through the transformation of the role that Bridge Alliance plays in order to optimise value for our members and their clients.

This sees us acting as a regional product house for our members to offer harmonised solutions with local support. The alliance is also looking to home in on market and partnership development, while serving as a regional product lead for our members.

4. What do you see are the new growth opportunities for the industry?

As the way we work and play transforms, so does the industry. As users become savvier, their expectations and need for a seamless experience increases. These adaptations and the emerging technologies that unlock those possibilities are what present pockets of opportunity.

Another exciting area of growth is the volume of new technology and adoption in Asia. The full potential of the region as a technology powerhouse is yet to be realised.

5. What can we look forward from your presentation at Telecoms World Asia 2019?

In my presentation, I will be sharing about key drivers of the region’s leading telcos in their quest to activate new revenue streams. Expect to gain insight into existing use cases and future plans to leverage emerging technologies like Rich Communication Services (RCS), the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and transformation in the enterprise mobility space.

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