Telecoms World Asia 2020: Interview with Dave Richards, CEO of atmail

The telco industry continues to evolve, demanding industry players to keep up to speed by developing new capabilities and business extensions in order to stay relevant. One such company is atmail who offers their clients a modern, user-friendly, white labelled, secure and reliable email platform to increase customer engagement and brand revenue.

Dave Richards, Chief Executive Officer of atmail, an early confirmed exhibitor of Telecoms World Asia 2020, shares about current issues and opportunities of the telco industry with the editorial team at Telecoms World Asia.

1. Can you share a brief introduction of atmail and what are some areas of focus for your company?

atmail is a provider of email hosting solutions which help telcos to increase their customer engagement and brand revenue. We currently power more than 170 million mailboxes worldwide and with 20 years of experience, we are trusted by some of the world’s best-known telco and service provider brands. Our primary focus is on hosted cloud solutions, which improve a telco’s scalability, speed to market, cost effectiveness, uptime, security and service.

2. In one sentence, tell us how you would the state of the telecommunications industry today?

Telcos have a clear need to finally decide if they are going reinvent themselves and compete against the OTTs and value their own brand – a position they are really set up well to do if they try, or, resign themselves to being the cheap, utilitarian fast hole in the wall. That decision needs to happen today!

3. How do you see the industry evolving over the next 5 years?

We will see telcos move to one of two camps: they will take a low-priced position to compete; or they will capitalise on the trust their brand has with their customers and markets, and offer differentiated and competitive services against the OTTs, by utilising their unique strengths (such as physical presence, identity validation and location data). Regardless of the position, these telcos need to move to software, they need to move to cloud, and they need new, demand-based, pricing structures (and have their costs reflected similarly, i.e. cloud).

4. What are some of the common challenges that Operators and Communications Service Providers face today and how do you help them overcome these obstacles?

In the email platform market that we focus on, their first challenge is the ongoing burden of staffing a large-scale, on-premises installation, when email is not their core skill set or business capability. Not only is there the huge price tag (and CAPEX disadvantage), but there is also the management load to recruit, train, manage, mentor, replace, retrain and complete the admin for their in-house email team.

Their second challenge is to transform email from a cost centre to a revenue source, and I mean a revenue source that can stand on its own two legs, not as only a cross-sell or loyalty hook. Of course, email is a huge lever to pull to fight against costly churn, but we believe email can be a true source of revenue – in fact, we have customers doing just this.

We help operators and service providers move their customer email platforms to the cloud, so they can stop fighting spam and get back to core business. We also help them understand how to use branded email to grow customer engagement and brand revenue.

5. What can we look forward to from you at Telecoms World Asia 2020?

We’re looking forward to having some open and honest conversations with telcos and service providers about what email platform issues they currently face, as well as how we can help solve those issues and grow their revenue. There are telcos out there today that are not offering branded email platforms, and in reality, they are missing out on both proven revenue and customer loyalty.

Atmail will be exhibiting at Telecoms World Asia 2020 at Stand E04.

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