Network testing, NFV & more – with Jonas Krogell, Netrounds

As part of our build-up to Telecoms World Asia 2020 we interviewed speaker, Jonas Krogell, Chief Technology Officer of Netrounds to discuss the future of the telco landscape.

We are delighted to welcome Jonas, who will share his thoughts on exploring operations shifts for telcos in our Network Virtualization theatre at Telecoms World Asia.

1. Can you share a brief introduction of what you do and what are some areas of focus for your company?

Netrounds is a programmable, active test and service assurance platform for physical, hybrid and virtual networks. Netrounds’ automation capabilities enable communications service providers to reduce manual efforts required for network testing and assurance, significantly decreasing operational costs and improving operating margins, as well as nearly eliminating capital expenditures associated with using traditional hardware test and measurement equipment.

An important responsibility for me as CTO is making sure we understand the technical challenges of our customers and match these with the technology offered by Netrounds. This is especially important now with the actual adoption rates of NFV taking off. The Netrounds software-only approach to active service assurance provides some unique perspectives of addressing some of the challenges customers face in this journey. Keeping a box-centric mindset is not going to be a success factor in this new world, so the Netrounds approach of giving visibility to service availability and quality is an important factor to keep in mind during this transition.

2. In one sentence, tell us how you would describe the state of the communications industry today?

The complexity of network architectures is rapidly increasing, opening up for both new services and more flexibility in service offerings; however, this comes with challenges of how to monitor and test that services are working as intended.

3. How do you see the industry evolving over the next 5 years?

5G is driving the adoption of NFV, and Netrounds has already been deployed in one of the leading innovators building a truly virtual and cloud-ready network, Rakuten. I expect to see more operators following the path and ideas of Rakuten, actually adopting clean separation between hardware vendors and software vendors in their next-generation networks.

4. What are some of the common challenges Communication Services face today, and how do you help them overcome these obstacles?

Achieving visibility of service availability and correct functionality

Deploying software to test that services function as intended has always been the preferred method. The cost of manual labour, and the lack of physical infrastructure, has earlier been showstoppers for implementing this at scale. However, with the introduction of application hosting and NFV this is quickly changing since its now available in most modern network infrastructure. This gives innovative operators the edge of delivering a tested and quality assured service to their customers.

Testing VNFs 

VNFs cannot be tested and monitored in the same way as legacy physical boxes with just one software platform running on it. Implementing testing and monitoring of VNFs by sending carefully selected synthetic traffic through each VNF to make sure it is working exactly as intended. This is the only efficient way to be fully certain that both the hardware and software layers are behaving and performing as designed.

Testing SD-WAN and running mission-critical data over unmanaged connections

Actually testing SD-WAN circuits and unmanaged connections by sending active traffic is the only way to know if they are working as intended. The small footprint of Netrounds Test Agents and the virtualization readiness are key properties to deploy in these environments to help with assurance.

With SD-WAN, each IT service/application needs to be tested independently as each of them might take a different route (VoIP, HTTP, etc.). It is not enough any longer to just test the network, you must test the network end to end for critical IT services.

5. What technology are you looking forward to hearing about at Telecoms World Asia 2020?

The maturity state and adoption of NFV in the 5G rollouts. Our work with Rakuten probably resonates with many of the discussions at the event and I look forward to discussions relating to this.

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