Interview with SK Telecom’s Woohyun Nam

With the agenda of Telecoms World Asia heavily influenced by thought leaders of Asia, we are happy to announce that SK Telecom will again be sharing their experiences over the past year on the future of the telecoms sector, the growth of 5G and new edge computing technologies in the industry. As part of this, the team recently spoke with Woohyun Nam, Senior Technical Manager at SK Telecom about his thoughts on future developments ahead of the event taking place this year. You can hear in person from Woohyun’s colleague Sangho Shin of SK Telecom on Edge Computing at Telecoms World Asia 2020.

1. Can you share a brief introduction of what you do and what are some areas of focus for your company?

At SK Telecom, I am currently developing advanced new edge computing enabled technology and platforms. SK Telecom is the NO.1 ICT company in South Korea, providing telephony services, messaging services and data service.

2. In one sentence, tell us how you would describe the state of the telecommunications industry today?

I believe that we are facing a new era in the telco industry with the potential of very fast data services and the growth of 5G networks. A new century is coming!

3. How do you see the industry evolving over the next 5 years?

I believe that the telecommunication industry will lead and show a new lifestyle to customers. This will be based on very fast and low latency-based data transactions which will be a key element to create new service use cases. Other technologies, such as VR/AR-based contents are only growing in popularity and the likes of AI, IoT and auto deriving solutions are set to make customer’s lives very convenient.

4. What are some of the common challenges that Operators and Communications Service Providers face today and how do you help them overcome these obstacles?

Operator and communication service provider, as well as public cloud providers don’t need to compete with each other for market sharing etc. With 5G and edge computing technology, operator and external service providers can collaborate with each other to create new business models and shape the market for the next step. This is highlighted by the fact that SK Telecom has already started to collaborate with No.1 South Korea Communication Service Provider, KAKAO last year to make new synergy.

5. What technology are you looking forward to hearing about at Telecoms World Asia 2020?

5G / Edge Computing / AI related topics.

About Telecoms World Asia

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