APAC to lead the world in 5G adoption

From Singapore and Australia to South Korea, enterprises and telcos across the Asia-Pacific region have been readying themselves for the next big leap in mobile connectivity that promises to speed up business operations and improve lives.

The world has seen similar upgrades in mobile connectivity, each time sparking new applications, from video calling to over-the-top media streaming. This time, the transition from 4G to 5G will not only improve the performance of existing applications, but will also pave the way for new ones, such as the internet of things (IoT) and virtual reality.

According to Frost & Sullivan, there will be 280 million 5G subscriptions in Asia-Pacific by 2022, with 5G service revenues reaching $4.5bn. Much of this momentum will be led by China, South Korea and Japan, which are expected to be the forerunners in rolling out 5G networks.

At Computer Weekly, we have put together an e-guide to help business and technology decision-makers make sense of the region’s recent 5G developments. From efforts to turn Malaysia’s Langkawi island into a 5G testbed to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on sales of 5G devices, the guide offers a range of perspectives from different stakeholders in the region’s 5G nascent ecosystem.

Download the e-guide here

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