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On 6th May 2020, Telecoms World Asia hosted a live webinar featuring renowned telecom leaders from AP Telecom, HGC Global Communications, PCCW Global, Sri Lanka Telecom and SUPERNAP Thailand, where they discussed topics revolving SDN’s role in supporting growing traffic and the approaches in resolving data centre network issues.

Data centres are constantly evolving and SDN is playing a key role in defining infrastructure and virtualisation deployments. With the spread and business impact of COVID-19 reaching all corners of the globe, the demands on telco networks are not only increasing but coming from new, and growing sources.

Webinar: Dealing with Big Data: SDN & Data Centres

Webinar: Dealing with Big Data: SDN & Data Centres

As a post-webinar follow-up, we’ve gathered some answers to the questions that were not addressed during the webinar, from speaker Benny Hu, AVP, Market Development, HGC Global Communications. If you’ve missed the live webinar, you may view the recording here.

1. How do you view SDN uptake in emerging markets?

The SDN market will exceed US$54 billion in two years, where the Asia Pacific region will be the fast growers. I have engaged with a number of telco partners in emerging markets and they are very open to exploring the technology themselves and eager to partner as a team to do business together. I believe that they are well aware of the importance of the technology that brings flexibility and competitiveness to reach global customers.

HGC has been building strategic alliances with different operators bridging the ASEAN community. We believe that such alliances can maximize the capability allocation of different telecom operators, as well as increase agility throughout the telcos ecosystem. The agile connectivity provision is designed to help companies to better prepare their contingency plan and managed digital networks in the future.

2. What’s the OTT traffic trend in the next 5 years?

Nowadays, I believe we all agree the most important items to survive are water, food, and the Internet. The Internet that allows us to stay in touch with your love one and work. According to Allied Market Research, the global OTT market is projected to reach $332.52 billion by 2025. We see the global OTT traffic has been growing tremendously especially during the pandemic period. We predict the OTT traffic trend will grow significantly in coming 5 years across ASEAN region because there are 650 million eyeballs.

3. How do you see legacy carriers battle the war against Public Cloud Providers?

This is a good question. I see different new players such as public cloud providers, data centre operators, and network as a service provider, have emerged in the recent year. It is significant for carriers to collaborate with different IT industry players, not just from digital transformation but also the mindset transformation with openness to cooperate with alliance and new business model.

4. How is last mile connectivity being addressed?

Last mile connectivity is the core competent to domestic telco. I believe this is a very good opportunity to generate more revenue through the last mile pipe with value-added services integration with hyperscale public cloud provider and system integrator by maximizing the flexibility of network using SDN technology.

5. Using Big Data for SDN, do we have any specific standardisation?

MEF is the organization that drives the standardization. It offers the industry’s only vendor-neutral Professional Certification programme that recognizes the technical skills required to support successful transformation to dynamic and assured services orchestrated across automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks.

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